Sunday, 6 December 2015

Master of Minds ...

As i mentioned in a previous post i am not the speediest painter, so it has taken me all this time to finish my second 15mm sci fi miniature (not helped by interference from work, parenthood, illness etc.)

The second miniature i completed was also from & their excellent SHM sic fi range - like "The Controller" i finished previously, this model was a must have from day one & with so many gaming possibilities a great addition to any collection.

The colour scheme i chose for my collective mind monster was very similar to the one on the example model, i liked the finish & thought why change if it works.

The only twist i added on my model that i knew i wanted as soon as i saw it was i gloss varnished the huge brain in the centre - unfortunately this is not showcased very well in the photograph as the light i used was pretty direct & has caused the matt varnish on the un-textured base segments to reflect this back. under natural light the effect is great giving the brain a fresh "pulsating" look which was one of the appeals of the model in the first place.

The range of unusual characters in the SHM range are really great for firing the imagination & i look forward to painting more of these strange aline creatures in the future.